Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog question

Ok, can someone tell me how to make a background for my blog> I've seen it on Nancy's blog and Shonna's blog. I want to know how to do it! Can anyone help? Thanks!


Anne said...

Hi, Kristin! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today!

If you look at the bottom of Nancy's blog you will see a line that says she gets her background graphics from Shabby Princess.

And in the upper left corner of Shonna's blog is a link to where she gets her background: the cutest blog on the block.

There are other sites like these which offer free backgrounds for Blogger. Have fun! :-)

Kristin Long said...

Thanks, Anne!! I got it!

Shonna said...

I'm glad you found "the cutest blog on the block." Thanks for the comment on my blog. I used colored pencil on the clothes and then some irredescent paint on top of that. I wanted to also thank you for the blog award. I got one awhile back and had a really hard time thinking of 5 things about me. But I will acknowledge it on my blog and link yours...thanks again for thinking of me!!!!!