Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010- Hello 2011

Hello everyone! Regrettably, I haven't much in the way of photos to post for you. With the holidays, I've been so busy working at Sublime and trying to get all the Christmas and my Husband's birthday shopping done that I don't have anything to show for it. OH well.

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope you do, too, and I hope you got everything for Christmas you wanted! I was incredibly blessed!! My New Year wasn't too eventful. It was my Husband's birthday, so we had dinner and opened presents with my parents since his family doesn't do much with birthdays. Then, we came home and just watched a movie and some TV. Fun, huh? Yeah, I think we are getting old! ;)

Anyway, I finally have a day to myself. My husband was off for the weekend, and we did a lot together- playing Wii, hanging out, cooking, cleaning. . .you know. Today, I have a million things to do including taking down the Christmas decorations. This part always makes me sad. Christmas snuck up on me this year, and now, it is all over. Very sad as it is my favorite time of year. . .the music, the decorations, the happiness that is very contagious! Oh well. Time goes on. Along with taking down decorations, I have to find my art room again (it got buried under Christmas wrapping!), go to the bank, and send off some Etsy orders!

Speaking of Etsy, I have bittersweet reactions to my shop at the moment. Yes, I'm making sales, however, what is selling is NOT my cards or my paintings. It is. . .. (wait for it). . . . .Baker's twine. Yes! Can you believe it??? My baker's twine is selling the most. I originally bought the baker's twine for my Christmas presents. The cheapest I found the twine had so much on the roll, I decided to sell it to! CRAZINESS! It is selling like crazy! I love that, but it saddens me that people are in my shop- yet they aren't buying my cards! *sniff* I guess that just means I need to step up my card making! I'm way behind too! I need to get some Valentine's made, so I can move on to other upcoming holidays. (On a happier note, my cards are selling great at Sublime where they have allowed me to set up a small area for my cards! They made great add-ons to the boxes of Chocolate we sell!!! Woo-hoo!)

Ok, so the end of 2010 hasn't been so bad, but the rest of the year TOTALLY had its ups and downs. More downs, though, I'm afraid. It wasn't the best year of my life. Instead of dragging out the whole story (which will make me cry), let's just say I lost my job and too many friends this year because of a simple misunderstanding. I guess what is done is done. God has a better plan for my life. Maybe he was just weeding out the people in my life that weren't good for me, and I was just too blind to see it. It is a blow, though. Painful experiences that I would rather not EVER go through again. However, in the mist of those troubling times and experiences, I've learned a lot. I guess, in the end, that is all that matters! Hopefully, I will take these lessons and move on with life!

Yes, 2010 brought me some bad times that turned into learning experiences, but I also had good times. I now work at Sublime Chocolate in Allen! Which, by the way, I LOVE. I might even get to learn how to make the chocolates in addition to selling them! Woo-hoo! Total dream! I love sweets and baked goods as most of you know. To learn how to make these gourmet and absolutely delicious chocolates would be a dream come true!!

Also, this year, I got to go to Disney World with a great friend. Not only did that planning and trip expand our friendship, we had a fabulous time. One neither of us will forget! It was fantastic! Also, I met some other great people online through the DISboards where I was posting my planning report and my Trip Report. I can't complain on that front! What a fun experience!!!!

Ok, so I say "thanks, 2010," as I push it out the door. Hello 2011- where things will be different! May God bless you and your family this year! Remember that He is coming soon! Take inventory of your life. . .are you living for Him or the world??

God Bless you!