Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Update!

Phew, ok. . .it is 2 days until Christmas. I have a little time between my baking endeavors today to do a quick December update. It has been a crazy month. Hubby and I are still getting settled in our new house. This is our first Christmas in our new home. We got the tree up in the first weekend. (Now, it has presents underneath!) Now, I just need to take some pictures of it when it is dark in the room. Those 'glowy' pictures just look so holidayish!! (My camera battery was low, so the picture is kinda blurry! Oops!)

In trying to decorate the house, I found that I don't have much in the way of household decorations. Oh well. Time will remedy that soon!

I spent a the second weekend baking cookies to give as gifts. As a new home owner, we don't have much money for gifts, so I gave away many, many cookies and pastries! Here they are all laid out in their containers waiting to be capped and sent off to their recipients! (Peppermint macarons, Sugar Cookies, Marshmallows, Chocolate cake balls!)

I even made macarons (no flavor) to be filled with peppermint ganache! They all came out beautifully- little feet and smooth tops. Most had an air bubble, but oh well. I was very excited to see the little rows of perfect little macarons! (This was quite an accomplishment after Thanksgiving where I had to try three times to get some presentable macaron cookies!!!)

Now, I'm off work, and I'm working on making more cookies to give to my family and hubby's family. Also, I'm wrapping presents and attempting a pecan pie on Wednesday!

I so love this time of year! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully, I'll be back more often in the next two weeks since I'm not at work! See you soon!

Merry Christmas!!!