Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh, yes! January is here, and I haven't posted anything in about a month. OH well.

I found I'm behind in posting my art journal entries. Here we go!

This was an attempt at a portrait. The other page was practice sketches of whimsical faces. I'm still improving them!

In keeping with the tradition I started last year (here), I made another year in review page. You might noticed quite a bit of other people's artwork in there. They are the people whose art has inspired me this year. I wanted to include them for my own memory's sake!
Then I did another page for my 2010 dreams like this one here.

I also threw this little ATC (Artistic Trading Card) together! Isn't the image adorable??I've made some other ATCs for a swap, but I had to scan them at work, and, of course, I left my jump drive there. Next time!

I'm off to run a few errands and then to bake some cookies!