Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes, I know, I've been a little absent lately. I have been a little busy. I did finish a piece of art, but I left the scan on my computer at work! As soon as I get it here, I have to post it! I love it!

I've been trying to keep up with everyone's blog. I know I don't always comment, but I'm watching all of you! Don't think I'm gone- just busy away from the computer!

I hope to get back into my weekly updates soon-probably starting next weekend. This weekend, DH is taking me to a bed and breakfast for Valentine's day! He is so sweet. He found it himself! I was so impressed! Can't wait to go and have some time to relax!!

May God bless you! I'll be back soon!

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Anne said...

Hi, Kristin! Have a fun romantic Valentine's getaway! :-)