Friday, August 7, 2009

Winter Painting

First of all, I was so upset yesterday, I forgot it was my blogaversary! Oh well! I wanted to do something special, but that just didn't happen!

Ok, now on the Winter Painting. Do you remember my Autumn and Spring paintings? Well, they have now been joined by Winter!! Watercolor background, acrylic snowman, water color and acrylic girl! I think she looks very nice. I have to say Autumn is still my favorite, but I'm glad to see this series is almost finished! I'm working on summer, but she isn't finished! I just wanted to share with you!Have a great day. I'm off to court this afternoon to take care of a traffic ticket. . .oops! I've been on deferred adjutification, and this court day will end it! Phew!

This weekend, we have a great guest speaker at church, Paul Bradford of Warrior School Ministries. He is an awesome preacher, and our church is looking forward to his services tonight at 7pm, tomorrow at 6pm, and Sunday at 10:30am!

Enjoy your weekend!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

you are so amazing talented! I only wish I could draw and paint like you! this piece is so adorable! I love it! :) and happy blog anniversary! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Kristin! Winter is beautiful! Love the snow scene! :-)