Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life and Another Blog's Giveaway!

Ok, well, going back to work put a damper on my blogging and baking and doing art! :( Hopefully, I can get some things done, soon!

Oh, my husband and I have finished off the beautiful macarons! I'm so ready to make some more. Hubby is off on Saturday, so we are going to an art museum to see the King Tut display. However, next weekend, I plan on making the beautiful yummy things- this time in Strawberry/Coconut (hubby's request), mint/chocolate, and one other flavor, maybe! I'll keep you posted!

Ok, finally, I was on Twisted Figures to see her newest work. She had a post to this giveaway going on Cameron's Blog. If you haven't seen Cameron's blog, she seems to be a very talented Mixed Media artist. I just found her blog, so I will be spending some time on it! Hope you will find it as awesome as I do!

See you soon!

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