Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not a good start. . .

Ok, I started today to find out our fridge, which we thought was fixed, is still on the brink of death!! Ok, well, that means a new fridge. My husband's grandmother (who we live with and help take care of) said she'd pay for it! Great, I thought, since we just spent more on a new TV than I thought we would. Now, my husband wants to split it with her since we live here, too! WHAT?? Aww man!! I guess he is right, but it really worries me.

After DH was off to work, I just sat in the living room (the grandmother is off babysitting, so it was just me) feeling low and depressed about the fridge and the money we owe (more than just the TV- DH had 6 root canals in 2007, and we are still paying for them!!!). The more I sat there, the more depressed I got. Suddenly, I realized that over the holidays, I've forgotten to take my "happy pill." Opps. I took it this morning, but it isn't kicking in. I just don't have any motivation, and I don't feel I care about much. Not a good start!

I'm going to try to do some art with the hopes that it will lift my spirits! Of course, that happens after I get the clothes out of the washer and dryer and start a new load! Ahh, the joys of being off work- you have to catch up on housework! Ugh!

Ok, art in a little bit with the hopes of lifting the very low spirits! I'll try to post later with whatever creation I work on (and possibly finish if I can do it!!)

Love you all! Thanks for listening! Hopefully, my meds will kick in soon, and I will be back to my old self- that will be nice!

Sorry for the downer morning! Hope to talk to later in a better mood! =)


Shonna said...

Don't sweat it!! Everything will be ok...after the meds kick in that is. LOL! I can relate; I take happy pills too!! Hang in there and use the "low" to create great art!!!

Anne said...

Hi, Kristin! Hang in there!!! Hope getting to play art helped improve your mood ... it usually relaxes me, at least for a little while. While I'm creating, I can let everything else go, at least in the moment, and that is a wonderful thing!

artlover said...


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Dawn said...

I know what you mean about the "happy pills"...ack! Hope you snap out of it, and get some crafty stuff in. That will make you feel better. It will all work out, don't worry!