Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday again

Yes, it is Saturday, and for me, that means posting on my blog. How sad that I only do it once a week! I created a gothic arch for the challenge. The theme was black and white with a touch of red. I'm working on another one, but I haven't finished it. I'll post it later!

Hopefully my second one will dry soon, so I can post it! I love these challenges, and I am excited about the next one!

Oh, on a non-artistic front: My husband (yes, the gentleman in the photo!) is taking me to Disney World for my Birthday! I think he is in shock at the sticker price, but I know we will both have a great time! We are going the week of Thanksgiving! I'm so excited! Sadly, now, all I can think about is crafting and Disney World!



Dawn said...

Great wedding photo, love this arch! Now, do you want your mickey stamps't forget there is a scrapstore in downtown Disney! ( you also need a count down ticker)

Anne said...

You're so beautiful in your gorgeous dress! And that is such an awesome photo of you and your man. With the "yeah!" in the background. And the look of bliss and happiness! Yay!

Chriss Rollins said...

Beautiful photo beautiful arch.
Sorry i didnt get to see it until now...9 50 pm uk time.I have been out since 2pm and just returned.
Thank you for entering the challenge.
chriss x