Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My, How time flies!!!!!!!

Wow, can you believe it is March 1st already? I can't! This year is going by like a whirlwind!

I wanted to bring this up to the few of you who follow my blog: Breakthrough Dallas 2011

This is my Pastor's dream- to bring the Fire of the Holy Spirit to Dallas through an incredible meeting of like-minded Christians. If you at all interested, you need to come to the Gospel Lighthouse Church for this incredible event! There will be some awesome speakers from the Argentine Revival. Click on the picture above to see what will be going on! Come and see how God can change your life!

Roller Derby update: yes, I'm actually participating in Roller Derby! I go to practice for the "Fresh Meat" on Tuesday nights. I'm learning to skate and do various Derby moves, etc. It is great fun and tremendious exercise! I love it. I'm skating with the Assassination City Roller Derby league. Even though I'm not on a team, I'm still part of the league. I LOVE IT!!! The league has a bout (game) on March 26. This will be our first game at our new location: Fair Park in Dallas. Yes, our bouts have gotten so big that we have to move! It will be truly awesome! Come see what Flat Track Roller Derby is all about. Don't forget to buy a ticket- our bouts sell our very quickly!!

My Etsy shop is doing well. Come visit by clicking on the sidebar!

Spring is coming. . .I hope to write again soon!

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