Saturday, October 30, 2010

Art, cards, and Rangers!

Good morning! I'm really trying to make my blog more active. I know I always say that, but I really am going to try!!

First, I've made some Christmas cards that will eventually make their way into Etsy shop once I get it open!! Here they are!
Obviously, I've been going for the non-traditional Christmas look. I love the retro color combination of pink, teal, and lime green. I just wanted to catch the eye of different crowds! (They aren't too bad, however, I think I may need to shot pictures of them instead of scanning them. They look a little flat and lifeless this way. If I shoot a picture of them, they might look more appealing. Hmm. . .)

Next, I've been taking a class by Tam, aka Willowing. It is called Art, Heart, and Healing. She is offering it free!! She is an amazing artist and person! Check out her website here!! I found her videos on YouTube a couple years ago, and I've been hooked every since!! You can join her Free class here on her ning site! She is incredible! You must try out her class. She will be offering a new class in January as well!

In Tam's class, we are healing through art. I'm nearly two weeks behind on my projects, but that doesn't matter. Week 1's assignment was to create an art journal entry. We wrote our 'inner critic' feelings on the journal page, gessoed over it, and then painted a portrait that was represent us even if it didn't look just like us! Then, we had to reverse all the negative things we say to ourselves daily, and put that sentence on the page facing the portrait! Great stuff, Tam! Here is mine:

One final note! The Rangers play game 3 of the World Series tonight. They had some trouble in San Fransisco, so I just want to say:


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