Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing Pains, too

Ok, just a few days ago, Lia posted her "Growing Pains" blog entry. I completely agree with her. I think everyone goes through those creative growing pains! I'm in that place now. Lately, I've been copying artwork or style from those out there like Tam (aka Willowing) and Jasmine Becket-Griffith. I've been trying to copy some of their work because I like something- the eyes, the color- whatever. However, no matter how much I copy, mine always look the same. I was reading in a blog (I don't remember who's) that said no matter how much you copy someone's work, it will never be exactly the same. All those little things that are slightly different in your work is your voice. Now, my latest drawings (which I'll post later) may not look exactly like Tam's and Jasmine's, but I have learned a great deal by copying their work. I'm still struggling to find my style- one that is distinctive to me. I guess that comes with time and just making art. Tam says there isn't failure- just ways not to do art. Ok, so the more I copy and play, the more I'm learning of things I like and don't like- of ways to make art and ways not to make art. Eventually, I suppose, I'll find my own style, but until that time, learning, I suppose, is everything! It is the journey and the battle! What I carry away from it is the important part.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I'm struggling to find my own style, and that is OK! I guess I'm also trying to reach out to other artists and let you know that if you haven't found you niche in the art world, don't give up! It is out there somewhere. Just keep playing and making art for fun and for the purpose of learning and you will eventually find your way!

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Anne said...

Way to go! Great sentiments here. I think half of it is just letting go and having fun along the way. Enjoying the process. You will find your niche soon enough! :-)