Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday's post- art journal

Hello! Yes, it is Saturday. I finished an art journal entry. I hadn't worked on it in some time, so I'm very happy to say it is up and going again. Hopefully, I will do more in it!

At first, this entry looked very good. As I painted and finished it, I became more and more disappointed. It just doesn't look exactly how I imagined it. Oh well. I actually thought the book pages would enhance it, but they seem to distract. Oh well.

Yes, I am going to Disney World in November for my birthday. That is my husband's present for my 3oth birthday! I'm very anxious! I can hardly wait, but I know the time will pass by quickly- and then we will be there and then gone. Oh well, the anticipation is half the fun, right???

I'm going to work on some cards-hopefully I can get them posted later!

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